Back40’s Logo Design Process

Establish a Working Relationship

Back40 starts every logo design project with a design meeting. If we’re working with a local client, we like to have them meet directly with our graphic designer. We look to understand the client’s business and what needs to be accomplished with the new logo. How does the client want to be perceived? How will the logo be used and displayed? How will the logo work with existing marketing materials? Does it require primarily type treatment or will new icons be needed?

Preliminary Designs

After a design meeting, Back40 works on preliminary design sketches. This process typically takes four to eight hours — depending on the complexity of the design. If we’re not working with a standard color palette, logos may be presented in gray scale first. Presenting preliminary designs in gray scale allows clients to focus on shape and compositioin. The human eye recognizes shapes first, then colors and finally, text. Back40 works with logos in the same order.

Presentation of Preliminary Logo Designs

We prefer to meet personally with the client to review preliminary logo designs. However, having established a working relationship with the client during the process, we’re also able to move the project forward by presenting online with a detailed explanation of the art direction from the designer.

Review and Revisions of Logo Designs

At this stage, the client works directly with our designer. More often than not, Back40 presents several logo versions and directions in the initial presentation. The graphic designer works with the client to home in on the appropriate design direction. After establishing that, we move towards final development. From experience we know that a quick exchange of ideas moves the process toward final designs in a timely fashion.

Presenting Revised Logo Designs

With input from the client, we move closer to the final design. Our designer presents several versions of the client’s favored design direction. By this point, we’re presenting color logo designs. During this presentation, the final design process gels.

If the client approves the design, we create a production version of the logo. Once completed and approved by the client, we create the logo in a variety of file formats including Photoshop, Illustrator, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .tiff, and .eps.

Completed Logo Design Project

Back40 completes most logo design projects within two weeks of project engagement and on a schedule of 12 hours of creative time. Clients are welcome to request additional design services, such as specific logo variations for display and positioning on or in different media, such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes and more.

Contact us online about your logo project or call 405-478-4080 and ask for Stacy.

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