Back40 on the Move (to new our new space)

At the end of the summer we’ll be moving out of the Midcon building to our new space on 5th Street in Edmond. Our new office will be located on the 1st floor of Edmond’s own 4 story skyscraper, right next to the Jazz Lab. We’re excited, the space is being built out to our specifications. It’s gonna be nice.

5th Street Back40 Design office model

We will have more offices, 2 conference rooms, 30% more space and several amazingly tasty places to eat lunch – all within walking distance. Hideaway Pizza, Sliders, Colby’s Grill, Cafe 501, and Boulevard Steakhouse (for when we land the big projects).

This is all very exciting. Our target move in date is the beginning of September.

That’s a foam core scale model I put together because I’m a visual person and I have a lot of free time. And yes, those little doors work.

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