Back40 Design Superheros

Donna Walker, the Sale-inator, has vowed to only use her super powers
for good. She’s able to overcome advertiser objections and has the
unique ability to turn “maybes” into “yeses.” Her super powers focus on
our publication’s ability to place area businesses or services into the
minds and mailboxes of 50,000 Edmond area residents. Other ancillary
super powers include the ability to communicate stress through barely
audible signs and secure excellent ticket to key OU football games.

Jaimi Aycock is our mild mannered
graphic designer, that is until she hears the classic rock anthem, “We
are the Champions” by Queen and then she transforms into a really bad
foosball player. Not much a super hero skill – but hey, she’s one heck
of a designer.
Josh Hatfield, is our part-time designer. Josh
is capable of getting work done quickly, but chooses to conserve his
energy to maximize his super hero alter-ego… The Deliverer. Josh
utilizes his super directions skills (and his ’97 Mazda) to deliver
packages, materials and artwork to various clandestine locations. “I
can get to Loves in Choctaw in about 23 minutes!”

Hutchison, AKA Ginger Spice. No, not the one from the girl’s band.
Peyton is actually allergic to the spice Ginger. Once ingested she gets
sleepy and loopy. Not necessarily in that order. Some would say this
mind-altering state does not qualify as a super power – but once
observed, it definatley qualifies as super entertaining. Her altered
state can go virtually undetected until she speaks.

Fear the
Grillmaster! Is embroidered on Teddy Burch’s super hero tights. Teddy
can share recipe after recipe without rest or reference. From applewood
smoked turkey to the importance of white pepper – no appetite is safe.
Teddy chose the super hero name Grill Master over the Baster, Braiser,
and marinader. “I like the marinader, but I didn’t think it instilled

The Mind Bender, Dave Miller possesses amazing mind
changing abilities. Unfortunately, the mind changing abilities don’t
affect anyone but himself. “I like that. No, I don’t” Move that to the
right, no don’t. A lighter shade of chartuse would look better. No,
maybe magenta. Dave explains, “I only use my super powers for good -and
the frustrations of staff members.”

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