Award-winning redesign: Dougherty Forestry Manufacturing

Powerful messaging, concise copywriting and great product photography can make or break your website. That’s especially true for our most recent responsive WordPress redesign project.

About the Project

Dougherty Forestry Manufacturing (based in Hinton, Oklahoma) designs and manufactures heavy equipment attachments specifically for forestry, land clearing and timber harvesting machines. They wanted to simplify their product offerings and focus on their top 3 machine attachments with a new, high-end design aesthetic.

To accomplish this new luxury feel, the website features:

  • Large-scale detailed photography
  • Detailed, full-screen product pages
  • Simple & clean design

Benefits of Professional Photography

You can get away with using stock photos, sometimes – this wasn’t one of those times.

When you’re focusing on specific features of your products, you have to use photos of your actual products. And it’s best when those photos are high-quality, taken at the right angle, and in the right light.

“As a designer, it’s great to have a client who understands the importance of great photography – and even better when they make the investment to have professional photos taken. The full screen shots on this site certainly elevate the customers interest as proven by increased visit durations,” explains Dave Miller, Back40 President (and sometimes designer).

images from the project

Redesign Results

  • The average time a user spends on the site has increased 8.17%
  • The design earned an ADDY Award from the American Advertising Federation

Working with Back40Designs could not have been easier. The design and development process was very straightforward.

I am extremely pleased and I would recommend them to anyone.
– Patrick Dougherty, CEO of Dougherty Forestry Manufacturing

Now, I’d call that a successful redesign.

comparison between old and new websites

If you’re not sure where to start improving your site – take a look at the photos, or just call us. We can schedule a website evaluation and review ways to improve your online presence.

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