Ashley &, our SEO Partner

Ashley Amend is on the cover of the Edmond Outlook magazine this month. If you don’t know Ashley, she’s our SEO partner. Ashley and Back40 work together to increase our client’s search engine rankings. Back40 has been building search engine optimized websites for a long time. And by partnering with Ashley’s Rank Monsters – we’ve increased our capabilities.

Ashley was featured in the Edmond Outlook because she has a pretty cool business back story. After starting a tech company and selling a tech company, Ashley put everything she owned in storage and bought two one-way tickets to St. Thomas for her and her 5 year old daughter. She replaced 18 hour days and start-up stress with sandy beaches and a part-time job. Then she started thinking.

It was in St. Thomas that she put together her next start-up. An SEO business called My Rank Monsters. You can read more about her story on the Edmond Outlook website.

Congratulations on the cover story, Ashley. I had to call in a few favors to get the story on the cover. Not really, I’m the publisher of the Edmond Outlook magazine.

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