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All I Asked Was “How are we doing?”

We are not perfect. Sometimes we mess stuff up.

Nothing is Easy

I like to say nothing is easy with web programming. And developing an all-new web application for client’s site can be complicated. Earlier this year we were contracted to develop an e-commerce module that performed online testing for physical therapists.

Our client, Rebecca visited our office and met with Reyna, her project manager to plan student sign-up, testing sessions, payment, test results and downloadable certificate. When we needed to, we pulled our web programmers into the meetings. Meeting in person at our office isn’t always possible – but its preferable. There’s quite a bit of custom programming with this website.

Our CMS loves custom programming. Our Javelin CMS integrates seamlessly with custom programmed modules – and several of the needed AdvantageCEUs features were already built into our core Javelin CMS structure (like secured member logins and e-commerce functions).

PHP Programming Bugs

With all this custom programming, meeting, specifications and planning – we still ran into a programming bugs. Our team found most of them, Rebecca found some of them and unfortunately, her clients found a few.  So enough about ‘challenges,’ let’s get into the solution/results.

Here’s an email from the client:


Sorry it took so long to respond. I was at a fundraising banquet all evening last night. Thank you for asking. The website is functioning much better and customers are happy again, so life is much better overall. I have been wanting to tell you that Jonathan truly has amazing customer service skills and is an amazing asset to your team. He has been very helpful and very friendly and I appreciate that. Also, Matt Johnston has worked very diligently with several programming issues and I appreciate his continued hard work. Reyna has also gone above and beyond with answering multiple questions and responding to e-mails from her phone at 11:30 at night (obviously I do not expect this). I wanted to ask you. Would it still be possible to convert the buy link of our course catalog into a buy button. You had mentioned this and I think it would look great.

Thank you for both you and your teams continued commitment to our success.


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