Advertising: With results!

Back40 Design Group is well known for terrific graphic design – whether it’s your website, logo, or even an advertisement design for our Edmond Outlook magazine. It can be very frustrating to invest time and money into an ad and not see any return on your investment – not a problem with Edmond Outlook!

We suggest if you advertise regularly but don’t see big results, the problem may be your ad copy. Readers won’t respond to your ad unless you ask them to! Always include a “call to action” in your ad if you want to see measurable results. 

For example, don’t just provide your phone number…. shout “Call 405-478-4080 Today!” And don’t just place your web address in the corner of your ad, include why they should go to your site, such as: “Visit our website to print out a 10% off coupon!”

For more ad suggestions, call 405-341-5599!

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