A Website is an Investment in Your Business

One of the most important things you can do for your business’ website is to view your website as an investment in your business, not a cost to your business.

Business owners who view their website as an investment:

  • Focus on users, and how they can make the user experience for their website better
  • Treat their website as an important part of their business – something that provides them and their customers with real value
  • Realize that their website is an extension of their brand, and that the quality and usefulness of their website reflects directly on their business as a whole for potential customers
  • Put a lot of work and effort into their website presentation and content, just as they would with their brick-and-mortar business
  • Regard their website as another possible revenue stream and source of customers

Business owners who view their website as a cost:

  • Ignore the needs of their users, cutting corners in every aspect possible along the way to reduce cost
  • Treat their website differently than their core business, viewing it as a manageable expense rather than a source of additional customers and income
  • Miss their website’s potential to be an incredibly valuable marketing tool, especially for those who are trying to find what their business offers for the first time
  • Don’t realize the importance of keeping their website updated with fresh and new content to keep people (and search engines) coming back to see what’s new

When you have the mindset that your website is an investment, you will take much better care of your website as a natural extension of what you believe.  You will do whatever is necessary to help it grow and succeed.  You will find ways to get users interested in what your business offers, because you know it will likely pay back dividends for your business in the future.

The goal of an investment is to grow, the goal of a cost is to be minimized and reduced.  What is the goal for your business’ website?

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