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A Logo Overhaul vs. A Logo Repair

It will happen many times over the lifetime of your logo. You take a look at your business card, and the design you were so proud of a few years ago, simply doesn’t have the same oomph. It looks a little tired. Or maybe it was created under a time (or budget) crunch. Whatever the reason, you’re tired of your logo and want to change it. Can this be done? Certainly. Are there risks involved? Absolutely. Do we recommend changing your logo design in mid-stride? Well, yes and no.

Changing an established logo should be approached with a great deal of caution and not until you’ve given it a great deal of thought. As with many business decisions, you have to weigh the pros and cons, and decide what’s the best solution for your business. Here are some things to think about that may help you decide whether or not you need a Logo Overhaul or just a Logo Repair.

Logo Examples
Was Your Logo Designed By a Professional?

Many entrepreneurs design their company’s logo themselves because they feel they don’t have the budget to hire a professional designer. These logos may or may not look nice, but it never hurts to have a professional set of eyes pick apart and tighten your logo design.

Does Your Logo Look Dated?
Almost all logos will begin to show their age with time. Certain color combinations, fonts and shapes can become obsolete and make your logo look old and stuffy; and that can make your company seem out of style or obsolete as well. Keep in mind you can make a few updating changes and still retain the original feeling of your logo.

Has Your Company Experienced a Big Change?
When major changes take place within a company, it can be the perfect time to change the logo as well. A logo change may be in order when:

  • A company merger occurs (think FedEx Kinko’s)
  • The company makes a major change in direction, like expanding or contracting it’s offerings.
  • You’re expanding into new territories and need a more universal logo.
  • The company name changes

With just a logo repair it can once again look fresh, can grab the attention of a distracted customer, can keep the competition at bay and can set a positive precedent for potential clients. But if you decide you want a total logo overhaul, keep in mind it has to be released in one mammoth roll out (having two different logos floating around is marketing mayhem). Changing your logo completely requires careful planning and execution so while a successful logo overhaul can bring enormous benefits to your company, the risks (and potential expense) can be high. If a logo repair can be viewed as a few coats of makeup and a new hairdo, an overhaul can be likened to an entire facelift. With the associated risks.

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