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6 Pointers for Print Design

Looking for a freelance designer or an OKC design firm to help with some print design projects? I have 6 pointers for you.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and the clients that come
prepared are the best clients. You can apply these pointers to a variety of print campaigns, from a simple logo redesign to complex annual report.

Print Design Examples

1. Set design goals

When you don’t know what you want out
of your design or you don’t know the problem that which your design is supposed to solve how can your designer really meet your needs? This is
why my number one pointer for clients working with a designer on a print
design is to set your design goals. Design goals can be as simple as the following:

  • get more exposure to brand
  • explain new service to existing customers
  • share contact information in a memorable way
  • clearly deliver company financial details
  • promote new product and increase sales
  • give insight into your company for potential customer

When you know what your primary goals are then you can create a plan with your designer to really make an effective print design. Planning is going to also save you time and money!

2. Know your competitors

In all elements of business it’s good to know what your competition is doing. You should be looking at your competitors print designs to be inspired, increase aspects that make you better, and steer your design goals towards beating the competition!

3. Get to know your print designer

When working with a print designer you should feel comfortable enough to be completely open. Your ideas should be heard, and your designer should share ideas back. When you have a close relationship with your designer you can trust them to do a great job and they can trust you enough to give you the best work they can. If you are working with a designer for the first time I would suggest you ask:

  • to see their print portfolio
  • how long they have been designing
  • how many print designs have they done of the same print piece
    (logo design, business card design, brochure design, letterhead design,
    folder design, and any other items involved in print marketing campaigns)
  • how comfortable they are with accomplishing your design goals

These short questions can give in insight into who the designer is, how openly they can communicate with you, and how much experience they have.

4. Plan printing costs

Don’t forget when you are having a print design done there will also
be printing costs! This sounds simple, but if your designer is not
showing you print estimates from the start than there is probably a
problem. I would love to design for a client without a budget, but in
reality that is just not the case. When you plan with your designer what
your printing costs will be upfront they can work with you to select the right
paper, fold, binding, die cut, ink, and more.

5. Set a timeline

Your designer should be planning and setting up a timeline with you. Make sure that they get it all planned out when your project starts. Some of the items on the timeline should be when:

  • design payments need to be made
  • initial design is created
  • after feedback is given how shortly revisions can be delivered back to client
  • all content needs to be delivered to the designer
  • final design needs to be approved
  • printing payments need to be made
  • design files need to be sent to the printer
  • design files delivered to the client

6. Know what you are getting

When everything is completed what are you going to be receiving from the designer? Make sure you know! Are you receiving 80 lb letterhead or 100 lb letterhead? If your designer is anything like me I work hard to manage expectations. It’s important to me to make sure clients know what size, weight of paper, and finish their print designs will have! Lastly if you are having a logo designed know what files you will be receiving. Any reputable designer should be delivering at the minimum .ai, .eps, .psd, .pdf, .tiff, .jpeg, and .png files! I also like to send logo files in black and white and grayscale. You can even request your designer to prepare a style guide for your logo design.

Logo Design Examples

Along the way, as you work on your print designs, your designer should be providing the best customer service they can along with excellent designs! If you need any more pointers or have any questions you can always leave me a comment below this blog or call and ask for Amy 478-4080.

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