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5 Reasons You Should Advertise in Edmond Outlook

  1. Because Your Market Constantly Changes
    New families in the area mean new customers to reach. People earn more money, Edmond Outlookwhich means changes in lifestyles and buying habits. The shopper who wouldn’t consider your business a few years ago may be a prime customer now due to a raise, a move, a marriage, or a baby.
  2. Because Your Competition is Advertising
    There’s a limited amount of consumers in the market who are ready to buy at any one time. You’ll need to advertise to keep regular customers and to counterbalance the advertising of your competition. You must advertise to keep your share of customers or you will lose them to the more aggressive competitors.
  3. Because it Pays Off In the Short and Long Term
    Advertising gives you a long-term advantage over competitors who cut back or cancel advertising. A five year survey of more than 3,000 companies foundAdvertisers who maintain or expand advertising over a five year period see their sales increase an average of 100%. Companies, that cut advertising, averaged sales decreases of 45%.
  4. Because Store Traffic Equals Increased Sales
    Continuous store traffic is the first step toward sales increases and expanding your base of shoppers. The more people who come into the store, the more possibilities you have to make sales and sell additional merchandise. For every 100 items that shoppers plan to buy, they make 30 unanticipated “in the store” purchases, an NRMA survey shows.
  5. Because There’s Always Business to Generate
    Your doors are open. Employees are on the payroll. Even the slowest days produce sales. As long as you’re in business, you’ve got overhead to meet and new people to reach. Advertising can generate customers now…and in the future.

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