5 of our Favorite Lorem Ipsum Generators

The number of fun lorem ipsum (placeholder text) generators available has blown up within the last few years. You can find a generator to fit nearly any theme. We have a really popular post from a few years ago of our top 10 favorites, but with all the new options available – it was far time that we update our list with some of the new guys. Our latest favorites include:

1. Fillerama (http://fillerama.io/)

Fillerama generates text using pop culture references as well as classic lorem ipsum. We can choose between the following fun shows/movies: Arrested Development, Dexter, Doctor Who, Futurama, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Star Wars & The Simpsons.

Why We Like It: The options are awesome, choices include using HTML or Markdown, Headers, Lists & inline Styles. Also, how can you not like a great quote from Bart Simpson?

Sample: Thank you, steal again. Dear Mr. President, There are too many states nowadays. Please, eliminate three. P.S. I am not a crackpot. I can’t go to juvie. They use guys like me as currency. Duffman can’t breathe! OH NO!

2. Zombie Ipsum (http://www.zombieipsum.com/)

Preppers everywhere have their very own lorem ipsum generators. You can even get it with 50% more brains!

Why We Like It: It has a 50% More Brains setting that adds literally 50% more content about brains. Our sample is an example.

Sample: De braaaiiiins apocalypsi gorger omero prefrontal cortex undead survivor fornix dictum mauris. Hi brains mindless mortuis limbic cortex soulless creaturas optic nerve, imo evil braaiinns

3. Bob Ross Ipsum (http://www.bobrosslipsum.com/)

Infuse some Happy Trees into the next project! Pick the number of paragraphs and Bob Ross quotes (sentences) per paragraphs along with html tags.

Why We Like It: An entire day can be turned into a better one by adding a phrase like this to your project, “Clouds are free. They just float around the sky all day and have fun.”

SampleNature is so fantastic, enjoy it. Let it make you happy. The more we do this – the more it will do good things to our heart.You want your tree to have some character. Make it special.

4. Batman Ipsum (http://batman-ipsum.com/)

Basic ipsum generator customized by paragraph size and count….and Batman character.

Why We Like It: No longer question who said what. The character names can be added to this content.

Sample: Alfred: Just you, sir? Don’t worry, Master Wayne. It takes a little time to get back in the swing of things. Batman: This isn’t a car.

5. Choose Your Ipsum (http://idsgn.dropmark.com/107)

It seems like there’s a new text generator popping up every day. You can find them for almost any popular topic. That said, it makes sense to end the list with the biggest list of less popular but wildly diverse lorem ipsum generators. From Hackers to Hillbillies to Hodor, there’s something for everyone.

Why We Like It: You can even submit your own generator.

In the beginning, there was one choice. Lorem Ipsum was boring & everyone used the same one. These days you can find the perfect text generator for every project, and you can have a little fun with your designs.


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