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10 of Our Favorite Lorem Ipsum Generators

Dummy text (usually Latin) is filler content that allows our clients to view their design without being distracted by the content. By using unreadable text, clients can see how the page will look on a surface level, ensuring that the colors, ratios, and specific design elements work together.

The Classics

Lorem Ipsum (lipsum.com)

Lorem ipsum is the standard dummy text for many websites. It’s origins reside in De finibus bonorum et malorum (On the ends of good an evil), a philosophical work by Cicero written in 45 BC. Lipsum.com takes the original Latin translation and puts it into a nonsensical order.

Lorem Ipsum Conversation

Why we like it: Lipsum.com’s generator allows us to specify a number and then will give us that number of paragraphs, words, bytes (characters), or lists.

Sample: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris porta consectetur nisl. Sed at vehicula justo. Nulla ac fermentum lorem. Etiam et auctor ligula, vel tincidunt felis. Integer nibh augue, bibendum quis euismod nec, porta a est. Quisque ultrices nulla felis, quis laoreet leo tincidunt sit amet. In eu eros.

Blind Text Generator (blindtextgenerator.com)

Blind Text Generator generates text based not only on the “standard” lorem ipsum, but Cicero’s original work, Cicero’s English translation, and several other classic works in English and in other languages.

Why we like it: Blind Text Generator let’s us specify a specific word count, character count, and paragraph count. What makes it unique is its column adjuster, which allows us to see how the selected amount of words/characters fits within a set line length.

Sample: Two driven jocks help fax my big quiz. Quick, Baz, get my woven flax jodhpurs! “Now fax quiz Jack! ” my brave ghost pled. Five quacking zephyrs jolt my wax bed.

Dummy Text Generator (dummytextgenerator.com)

Dummy Text Generator, while not as customizable as the two generators above, offers another solution for lorem ipsum and English gibberish dummy text.

Why we like it: Though we can’t input our own options, Dummy Text Generator still allows us to select a number of words and paragraphs. What makes it unique is its ability to include random headings and subheadings along with random bold and italicized words.

Sample: Us lights creature open place Every. That. Form kind lesser male gathered whose light. In made. Be set very sea third appear bearing tree make and gathering was. Also heaven said.

The Modern

Fillerati (fillerati.com)

Fillerati generates one to ten paragraphs from out-of-copyright classics, including A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs (which was made into the Disney bust John Carter) and Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (which was a much more successful movie).

Why we like it: We can use the phrase “I was a battleground of fear and curiosity” on any website.

Sample: ‘We indeed!’ cried the Mouse, who was trembling down to the end of his tail. ‘As if I would talk on such a subject! Our family always HATED cats: nasty, low, vulgar things! Don’t let me hear the name again!’

Professional Lorem Ipsum (generator.lorem-ipsum.info)

Professional Lorem Ipsum works like most dummy text generators, but with the ability to generate text in nearly every language and alphabet.

Why we like it: If we have a need for a different alphabet—usually for those that contain accent marks—then we can easily test our fonts to ensure they have the characters we need.

Sample: Kaj co tempo alikaÅ­ze, la fore imaga hoketo esk. Jene deloke jo avo, mia ja naÅ­ mekao. Jo hoj poÅ­po tutampleksa, ed ore halo difina. Du dio ajna norde infra, esti iometo kontraÅ­e nea ke, miria frazospeco ni pre. Mf oni duona prepozitivo, iu hola prirespondi ies, int trafe definitive li.

RandomText (randomtext.me)

RandomText offers a unique method for creating dummy text: query strings. Instead of using the in-page options, it is possible to create a bookmark for commonly used dummy text strings. It also offers an API which allows for more functionality.

Why we like it: Instead of loading the site and picking the options, we can bookmark http://www.randomtext.me/#/lorem/p-1/50-100 and get a unique paragraph each time.

Sample: agonizing inset arose far jeepers kindhearted opposite whooped orca elusively far and woolly tiger woodchuck unlike mastodon where instead reined and broke beneath far swelled alas excruciating histrionic a raucous dalmatian

The Fun

Bacon Ipsum (baconipsum.com)

Bacon Ipsum is a fun lorem ipsum generator that will put “meat words” into the dummy text.

Why we like it: We can choose between “All Meat” and “Meat and Filler.” And the submit button reads “Give me bacon.”

Sample: Prosciutto biltong tenderloin shankle salami t-bone pig pork belly corned beef. Meatloaf pig boudin t-bone, bacon pastrami kevin filet mignon biltong shank turducken corned beef beef ribs prosciutto. Ribeye landjaeger shank beef sirloin bresaola fatback. Corned beef chuck tongue porchetta salami pork belly tail pig meatball.

Samuel L. Ipsum (slipsum.com)

Samuel L. Ipsum generates dummy text from Samuel L. Jackson movie lines. It also includes a “Lite” version and a “Classic Ipsum” version.

Why we like it: The page itself contains 7 instances of F***.

Sample: Now that there is the Tec-9, a crappy spray gun from South Miami. This gun is advertised as the most popular gun in American crime. Do you believe that s***? It actually says that in the little book that comes with it: the most popular gun in American crime. Like they’re actually proud of that s***.

Gangsta Lorem Ipsum (lorizzle.nl)

Gangsta Lorem Ipsum takes the original lorem ipsum filler text and puts “izzle” on the end of some words an adds in completely new phrases (Gangsta sizzle pimpin’ mofo).

Why we like it: The “Generate Lorem Ipsum Dummy Text” button reads “generate gangsta loremizzle my ippzel dummy text.”

Sample: Morbi sizzle. Dawg potenti. Its fo rizzle fo. Gangster elizzle shizzlin dizzle, ullamcorpizzle quis, ullamcorpizzle phat, scelerisque brizzle, fo shizzle my nizzle. Crunk fo shizzle dang. Break yo neck, yall felizzle.

Hipster Ipsum (https://hipsum.co/)

Hipster Ipsum generates either lorem ipsum with additions of “Hipster-speak” or straight Hipster.

Why we like it: The “Type” options are “Hipster w/ a shot of Latin” and “Hipster, neat.” Also, the submit button reads “Beer me.”

Sample: Mumblecore lomo swag tofu, occupy +1 cray skateboard gentrify. Fixie quinoa XOXO sartorial. Portland Austin literally distillery cardigan mumblecore, bitters small batch single-origin coffee photo booth Bushwick jean shorts mixtape keffiyeh.

Update: If this list isn’t enough – check out our newest top 5 favorites in this post.

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