What is On-Page SEO?

Our job is to increase the rank of your website in search engine results. We do that in two ways: SEO work we do on your website pages and content and work we do off your website.

On-page optimization is the first item. We are editing, revising, and relabeling the content on your website. In many instances, we are adding appropriate content that will have a positive effect on your website when it is indexed by search engines. In some instances we are re-arranging information and re-titling content so that search engines can find it easier and positively affect your rank.

As an example, if you are a plumber in Boise Idaho and are wanting to increase your findability in local searches for "24 hour service," you had better have some well constructed information about that specific services on your website. Will creating dozens of pages about your "24 hour service" get you first page rankings on Google? Perhaps. It all depends on your competition for that keyword. If the amount of searches for the keywords "24 hour plumber boise idaho" is low enough, you may be able to rank well by simply enhancing your on-page optimization. But on-page optimization is only part of the picture.

How Javelin CMS makes it easy

If you're website was designed by us, there's a very good chance it is built and hosted in our Javelin CMS. This gives you a good start with quality on-page optimization. Javelin CMS makes it easier for search engines to quickly parse your web page by designing our websites in CSS (tableless design). Tableless design cuts down the amount of backend code used to display web pages. Search engines prefer tableless design because it increases the "content-to-code" ratio for collecting and indexing valid data.

While building your website, we take extra care to properly name URLs, page titles, headings, subheadings, alt attributes, tag clouds, image tags, and other behind-the-scenes-features of web pages. Our developers focus on finding the right balance of easy to navigate content and well constructed code that can be easily parsed by search engines. If it's easy for your website visitor's to find things, it's easier for search engines to index and rank. 

Keeping website content fresh

Javelin CMS allows you and your website administrators to update your website regularly. Recent updates and fresh content signal search engines to re-index your website regularly. With Javelin CMS, you can log into your website anytime and anywhere to update blogs, publish news articles, add photos, and much more.

But, wait there's more…

On-page optimization is just the beginning. It's the foundation your website needs for excellent visibility in search engine results. Off site optimization is the next step.