Diversions in Development - March 2

Posted by Dave Miller on 03/02/2012

Grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage and start clicking. 12 links our designers and developers found interesting this week:

  • 850 people in New Orleans were knocked back onto mattresses, as a very large human mattress domino set breaks a world record.  - Amy
  • Vintage pin-ups are the pinnacle of art. Robert Downey Jr. is the pinnacle of sexy. Mix it up and you get this disturbing display of art.  - Dave
  • Pinterest might be the most illegal network to hit the Internet yet? More illegal than Napster. - Reyna
  • Night photography of the abandoned American West. - Dave
  • Is Apple worth more than Poland. - Reyna
  • Every day, users share 4,000 videos on the site. Is Chill "the Pinterest of video"? - Krystal
  • Bicycle stunts on a vintage ladies bike. - Troy
  • A last blast before the observance of Lent, Carnival has evolved in many parts of the world with Christian traditions to be the biggest party of the year: 41 photos. - Krystal
  • Aliens did not make these: Crop circle snow art. - Matt
  • The rise in smartphone usage has fueled social media growth, but its also taking a toll on mobile carriers, specifically in the form of revenues. - Dave
  • Nevada approves robot cars and the Google robot car has a fender bender. - Dave
  • Yes, coders can learn lessons from Microsoft. Here's one about the importance of a style guide. - Jonathan