A Semi-Professional Dramatic Reading: Back40 Client Testimonial

Posted by Maggie Cannon on 07/22/2013
Back40 Project Manager (and two-time Emmy Award winner) Jonathan Siler puts the full weight of his acting gifts behind reading a recent client testimonial from Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park. Read More

All Cliches Aside, Back40's a Company You Can Trust

Posted by Amy Samuel on 07/10/2013
"Trust" is a word that many companies throw out there in phrases like "a company you can trust" or "your trust is our goal" and so on. I think those phrases are a bit cliché, however trust is not. Read More

Parallax Scrolling & an Out-of-the-Box Insurance Agency

Posted by Maggie Cannon on 07/03/2013
Lynnae Insurance Group wanted a modern, creative website to reflect their out-of-the-box business. We gave them parallax scrolling: the interpretive dance of web design. Read More